billboard design

Billboard Design

In billboard design or out-of-home (OOH) advertising, simplicity is the key! No one understands this more than the billboard designers at Pro Image One. You have 5-7 seconds to capture a prospect’s attention. If you cram too much on the billboard they’ll miss the most important points. Keeping it simple with a captivating image, a bold, compelling headline and your name, logo and contact information. Keeping your copy length to seven words or less is the goal. Anymore, and they won’t have time to read it.

Out-of-Home Advertising

At Pro Image One, our creative team of billboard designs know how to use contrasting colors, big, easy-to-read text, how to laser in on one key objective or point and direct it toward a target audience. All of these are necessary elements and it has to be done right to be effective, so don’t allow a non-professional to design your board, no matter how good of an “artist” they are. Good billboard design, as you can see, involves so much more.

Our billboard and OOH advertising designs are hard to miss and can be seen from miles around. Trust the professionals at Pro Image One for your next billboard or OOH advertising design. We know what it takes to make your message a success.

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