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Logo Design

Don’t leave something as critical as your company logo to someone with very little experience. For professional logo design, see the logo design experts at Pro Image One, LLC.

A logo is the visual representation of a company or organization. It creates recognition and helps people remember their experiences and associations with that company. Ideally, over time, it inspires affection and loyalty.

Every logo design has three main roles.

  1. Identification. A logo identifies a company in the marketplace. In an instant, visually symbolic way a logo represents the company to the world. The logo may be the first thing a potential customer sees and it needs to make a positive first impression.
  2. Distinction. An effective logo should be unique, it distinguishes the company from the competition, providing a way for customers to recognize and choose that company from other similar businesses.
  3. Communication. A logo says something about a company. This may be direct, or it may be subtle, but every logo communicates a message. And a good logo communicates a positive message.

A logo design may be sophisticated, informal, solid, reliable, caring, professional, creative, etc. On the other hand, an ill-conceived logo can send the wrong message. Unprofessional, gimmicky or dated. A logo is not a brand. A logo is one part of a company’s brand identity. The brand as a whole represents more. The company’s mission, its history and how people perceive it.

Pro Image One can create a professional logo design for your business that we guarantee you will love. Our professional graphic designers have been in the business of creating award-winning logo designs for years. Don’t trust your corporate image to amateurs. We analyze your business, your target audience and design a logo that is not only memorable but highly effective in brand awareness.

There are many “logo mills” out there who will design a logo for peanuts. What you receive more often than not is an unprofessional logo developed with no market research and which is usually pieced-together from various forms of clip art with mundane type treatment. The same logos are sold over and over again. “Customization” may consist of little more than providing the same logo in a different color scheme or with adjustments to the font. Logo mills are the digital sweatshops of the design world. By simply ignoring the existence of copyrights in their pricing structure, logo mills are completely devaluing copyrights. 

If you need a professional and unique icon that represents your business, let the professional logo designers at Pro Image One carefully craft the appropriate image for your business. Contact us today!

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